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GRACE Follow-On satellites transported to Los Angeles – Ground Support Equipment by SpaceTech

On Friday 12 December 2017, the transport of the two GRACE-FO satellites and their launch adapter from IABG to Munich Airport was successfully completed. STI helped to transport the Transport Containers with the Flight Hardware from IABG to Munich Airport Cargo Terminal and supervised the loading of the containers into a Boeing 747. The MGSE designed, manufactured and delivered by STI did an excellent job, the customer (Airbus DS) was very pleased. The Boeing 747 took off at about 10:39 local time and arrived in Los Angeles.

The GRACE Follow-On mission, scheduled for launch in early 2018, will ensure the continuation of the gravity field measurements of GRACE. The mission and satellite development are realized in a US-German cooperation.

SpaceTech signed responsible for the analysis and procurement of the satellite primary and secondary structures, a deployable antenna boom, the German contribution of the laser ranging interferometer and satellite MGSE.


SpaceTech GmbH (STI)

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