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STI provides 1800 deployment mechanisms for Airbus Oneweb Satellites

No longer just a dream: Internet for everyone everywhere – Airbus OneWeb Satellites (AOS) is aiming for global broadband internet. The AOS mega constellation will consist of 900 small satellites. AOS selected SpaceTech to develop and deliver the 1800 solar array deployment mechanisms.

STI development

SpaceTech was able to provide Airbus OneWeb Satellites with a QM development of only three months and already delivered the Solar Array Deployment mechanism (SADM) flight hardware for the pilot satellites that have been built at Airbus OneWeb Satellites (Toulouse site, France).

The launch of six pilot satellites took place February 27th, 2019 and the solar arrays deployed successfully.  Based on this, AOS contracted SpaceTech for the SADMs for the full constellation, 1800 deployment mechanisms – two on every satellite.

Delivering these key parts to make the project a success, SpaceTech proves once again its suitability for the New Space Market with utmost flexibility and cost-efficency. SpaceTech is proud to being part of this exciting project. Thanks to all of the project partners for the great team work.

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