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HTV Halbleiter-Test & Vertriebs-GmbH

  1. Unterstützung von Forschungsvorhaben, Prototypenentwicklung
  2. Testplanung und -steuerung, elektrische Tests, Test-Engineering, Unterstützung bei Tests (Funktions- und Umwelttests)


  1. Verification & Validation
  2. Verification & Validation
  3. TM/TC processing
  4. TM/TC processing
  5. TC planning
  6. TC planning
  7. Remote monitoring of space operations
  8. Remote monitoring of space operations
  9. Data science, decision making support tools, AI, ML
  10. Data science, decision making support tools, AI, ML

Freyer GmbH & Co. KG

  1. Very exact housings for artificial horizon for aircraft
  2. Thermal washers
  3. Structures for planetary landers
  4. Some very difficult milled and turned parts, e.g. for scanning or pointing mechanisms
  5. Project management of additive manufacturing projects
  6. Mechanisms for planetary landers
  7. Mechanical supports for experimental equipment at ISS
  8. Mechanical satellite structure parts
  9. Mechanical processing of welded heat pipes
  10. Mechanical parts for payload simulators
  11. Mechanical parts for mass storage devices
  12. Mechanical parts for electronic boxes
  13. Mechanical hardware for some microgravity experiments at ISS
  14. Mechanical hardware for optical instruments
  15. Mechanical hardware for electronic boxes
  16. Mechanical hardware for Air Closed Loop System (ACLS, for filtering breathing air and also outgoing air at ISS)
  17. Machining of isolating parts made from laminated composite materials
  18. Hardware for vibration and thermal vacuum testing
  19. Hardware for support structures
  20. Hardware for new development of electrical propulsion (ion engine)
  21. Hardware for mechanisms at ISS
  22. Hardware for mechanical ground support equipment (MGSE)
  23. Hardware for HF radiators and wave guides
  24. Hardware for different instruments like cameras, telescopes, spectrometers, interferometers, laser instruments, etc.
  25. Ground terminals for ISS communication
  26. Consulting concerning manufacturability of milled and turned parts
  27. Consulting concerning additive manufacturing
  28. Collaboration at Hubble Space and also at James Webb Space Telescope
  29. All kinds of surface treatments available, even two-stage treatments possible
  30. Additive manufacturing of hardware

f.u.n.k.e. AVIONICS GmbH

  1. test and certification
  2. Signal Generator
  3. Payload Simulator
  4. Integrity Box
  5. after warranty service including obsolescence monitoring

HEMA Kabeltechnik GmbH

  1. Test equipment, e.g.
  2. TB/TV test harnesses
  3. I/F simulation
  4. harness protection
  5. harness fixation
  6. Harness documentation, e.g. connector lists, parts and materials lists
  7. Harness design support
  8. Harness and harness components procurement
  9. electrical ground support equipment (EGSE)
  10. EGSE with especially designed I/F to flight equipment
  11. According Harness-Systems
  12. According Harness-Systems
  13. According Harness-Systems
  14. According Harness-Systems
  15. According Harness-Systems

Astro- und Feinwerktechnik Adlershof GmbH

  1. Unterstützungsleistungen
  2. Tests
  3. Subsystem Rovers, Schirme, Ballons (Strukturmechanismen)
  4. Spezifische Abmeldemechanismen
  5. Spektrometer – Spezialkenntnisse im sichtbaren und infraroten Bereich Detektoren (Brennebenen, Einstelleinheiten, Spiegel)
  6. Software (Simulationssysteme)
  7. Separationssysteme
  8. R&D
  9. Projektmanagement, Qualitätssicherung, Produktsicherung
  10. Produkte zur Unterstützung von Entwicklungsaktivitäten
  11. Primäre, sekundäre und tertiäre Strukturen
  12. Power Distribution / Energieverteilung (Entwicklung  von Stromversorgungs- und Stromverteilungsinstrumenten für Nutzlasten und Satelliten)
  13. Power Conditioning / Spannungsaufbereitung
  14. Positionssysteme Reaktionsräder
  15. Positioniermechanismus
  16. Passive Temperaturkontrolle (Beschichtung, mehrschichtige Isolation, Reflektoren, Schutzschilde und Thermoschutz)
  17. Nutzlastadapter
  18. Nachführmechanismus für ISS Kamerasystem Night Pod
  19. Montage, Integration und Test (AIT)
  20. Magnetometers
  21. Magnetische Antriebsmomente
  22. Kompletter Satellitenbus
  23. Kompletter Satellitenbus
  24. Integrierte Mechanismen
  25. Instrumente zur Oberflächenuntersuchung
  26. Gyrometers
  27. GPS Empfänger
  28. GNSS Empfänger
  29. Elektro-mechanische Ausrüstung
  30. Einkauf und Einsatz von Sensorkabeln/Kabelbaum
  31. Auswurfmechanismen für Pico-, Nano- und Mikrosatelliten
  32. Ausrüstung für die optische Wartung am Boden (OGSE)
  33. Ausrüstung für die mechanische Wartung am Boden (MGSE)
  34. Ausrüstung für die elektrische Wartung am Boden (EGSE)
  35. AOCS Teststand – Qualifikation von Kleinsatelliten
  36. Antennen und Einspeisungen – Strukturelle Unterstützungsleistungen, Temperaturkontrolle, Spezialkenntnisse in AOCS (Lage- und Bahnregelungssystem)
  37. Ankopplungsmechanismen
  38. Aktive Temperaturkontrolle (Kühler, Heizkörper)


  1. Top Deck Ka-Band Antennas
  2. Thermal Isolators
  3. Thermal Hardware Subsystems and Elements
  4. Thermal Hardware Subsystems and Elements
  5. Thermal Hardware
  6. Thermal Dummies
  7. Test Engineering, Test Planning and Control, Test Prediction and Correlation
  8. Smart Structure Subsystems
  9. Secondary Structures
  10. Radiators
  11. Radiators
  12. Radar Antennas
  13. QV-Band Feeder Link Antennas
  14. Project Management, Systems Engineering, Subcontractor Management, Quality Assurance
  15. Portable Lightweight Antennas
  16. Optical Baffles
  17. New Structure Materials
  18. New Materials
  19. MLI for Satellites
  20. MLI for Instruments
  21. MLI (small scale to large scale)
  22. MLI (Multilayer Insulation)
  23. MLI (Multilayer Insulation)
  24. MLI (Multilayer Insulation)
  25. MGSE (Hoisting- & Lifting Devices, Integration Stands, etc)
  26. MGSE (hoisting and turing devices, integration stands)
  27. MGSE
  28. Material Qualification
  29. Material Characterisation
  30. Lightweight Structures, Brackets, Support Structures
  31. Lightweight Structures
  32. Large Deployable Reflectors (5m-20m)
  33. Large Deployable Reflector/Antenna Subsystems
  34. Large Deployable Antennas
  35. Ka-QV-Band Side Deployable Antennas
  36. Ka-/Q/V-Band Reflector Antenna Subsystems
  37. Ka-/Q/V-Band Reflector Antenna Subsystems
  38. Instrument Platforms
  39. Ground Reflectors
  40. Ground Antennas
  41. GNSS Antennas for LEO and GEO
  42. GNSS Antennas
  43. Engineering
  44. Electronic Housings
  45. Dummy Payloads
  46. Dual Gridded Reflectors
  47. Deployable Structures and Subsystems
  48. Deployable Structures
  49. Deployable Mast Subsystems
  50. Deployable Booms
  51. Deployable Boom/Sail Subsystem for Re-entry
  52. Daughter Company in Porto, Portugal (HPS Lda.)
  53. Composite Structures
  54. Complete technology development in above mentioned RF, structural- and thermal-areas
  55. CFRP Structures
  56. CFRP Structures
  57. CFRP Electronic Housings
  58. Ablators (dimensioning, cutting, sensor implementation, integration support)
  59. Ablative Thermal Protection

CRN Management GmbH

  1. Technical and administrative project management support
  2. Support of marketing, accounting, bidding, negotiating and contracting
  3. Service: Brokerage for industrial experiments in µg
  4. Network management
  5. Lobbying for projects in agencies, politics, ministries
  6. integrated risk assessment
  7. Initiation of innovative projects, market analysis, competitor assessment, field studies

Astos Solutions GmbH

  1. Trajectory and launch vehicle design optimisation software
  2. Software for electric propulsion orbit raising
  3. Safety and risk assessment
  4. Safety and risk assessment
  5. Real-time sensor raw data emulation
  6. R&D
  7. Mission and system concept analysis
  8. Mission and system concept analysis
  9. Mission and system concept analysis
  10. Mission and system concept analysis
  11. Mass estimation of launcher substructures (ODIN)
  12. Magnetic cleanliness test systems and software
  13. Highly realistic real-time 3d scenario animation
  14. Gravitational modelling
  15. GNC sizing and simulation software incl. Flexible-body and multi-body  dynamics (ASTOS, DCAP)
  16. GNC sizing and simulation software incl. Flexible body dynamics (ASTOS, DCAP)
  17. Camera/Lidar Simulator
  18. Camera / Lidar simulator

ZARM Technik AG

  1. Vibration
  2. Thermal-Vacuum
  3. Thermal
  4. Static Load
  5. Magnetometer
  6. Magnetometer
  7. Magnetic Field Measurement
  8. Magentic Torquer
  9. Magentic Torquer

Space Structures GmbH

  1. Structures, Thermal and Acoustic Analysis for primary structure platform and payload equipment
  2. Structures, Thermal and Acoustic Analysis for primary structure platform and payload equipment
  3. Requirements engineering
  4. Mechanical test planning and on-site test lead engineering (including whole S/C)
  5. Mechanical and thermal system (lead) engineering
  6. Integral CFRP Struts for highly loaded and dimensionally stable applications
  7. Integral CFRP Struts for highly loaded and dimensionally stable applications
  8. Custom CFRP Brackets for harness fixation and other tertiary applications
  9. Custom CFRP Brackets for harness fixation and other tertiary applications

Aerospace Innovation GmbH

  1. Test planning and procedures
  2. Test Equipment, FGSE
  3. Test Equipment
  4. Test Adapters
  5. Technology Development in the Microsystem Technology domains
  6. Structural Analysis
  7. Structural Analyses
  8. Propulsion Systems with a Thrust Level up to 5000 N
  9. Propulsion Systems
  10. Project Management
  11. PA/QA support
  12. Ground Support Equiment (MGSE, EGSE, FGSE)
  13. Flow Control Subsystems
  14. EO Services
  15. ECSS based Propulsion System Testing and Qualification
  16. Cold Gas and Resistojet Propulsion Systems
  17. CAD, manufacturing and integration of microsystems
  18. CAD, manufacturing and integration of microsystems


  1. research on radiation hard IC development methodology
  2. Kent Ridge 1 (PSLV-C29)
  3. analog ASIC design for high-rel power-management and interface applications

DSI Aerospace GmbH

  1. Smart Cameras (TRL 5)
  2. Payload Data Handling Unit (TRL 6)
  3. Payload Data Handling Unit (TRL 6)
  4. Payload Data Handling Unit (TRL 6)
  5. On-Board Computer (TRL 9)
  6. On-Board Computer (TRL 6)
  7. On-Board Computer (TRL 6)
  8. Multiple ESA Techology topics
  9. Mechanism Controller for various mechanism types (TRL 6)
  10. Low-Level SW & Drivers
  11. Instrument Control unit (TRL 6)
  12. Instrument Control unit (TRL 6)
  13. En-/decryption Unit (TRL 9)
  14. En-/decryption Unit (TRL 9)
  15. Electrical Ground Support Equipment
  16. Digital Baseband Processor (TRL 3)
  17. Compact RF Front ends (TRL 3)
  18. Compact Payload Data Handling & Storage (TRL 5)
  19. Authentication & En-/decryption Unit (TRL 9)
  20. Application SW

von Hoerner & Sulger GmbH

  1. Test & Qualification of Space Instruments, EEE parts qualification and procurement
  2. Space Instrumentation Studies, Design, Manufacturing, Analyses, Qualification, Documentation
  3. Planetary Rovers, Microrover Nanokhod, Miniature Surface Science Instruments, Spectrometers for planetary exploration
  4. Management of Space Consortia
  5. Low-power HV supplies
  6. Laser Drive Electronics, Piezo & Pockels Cell Drivers, Laser Thermal Control
  7. Hermetic Helium Valves
  8. EGSE Design and Manufacturing
  9. Dust Spectrometers, APX Spectrom., Mössbauer Spectrom., SWIR Imagers, VIS Cameras, RF RX Frontends, Laser Rangers & Scanners (50 m)
  10. Documentation

Philotech Group

  1. Verantwortung für Design, Entwicklung und Test Plan / Spezifikation des MSF Software Moduls CLAG
  2. Technische Dokumentation
  3. Systemverifikation bzgl. Sicherheitsaspekten
  4. Software Engineering Management und Entwicklungsunterstützung:
  5. RAMS Analysen (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety Analysis)
  6. Qualitätsmanagement
  7. Qualitätsmanagement
  8. Qualification Traceability Report (GMS TRAC)
  9. Projektmanagement, Product Assurance Engineering
  10. Product Assurance
  11. Managment und Entwicklungsunterstützung von GACF (Ground Asset Control Facility)
  12. Maintenance und Support Engineering
  13. Definition der Anforderungs Verifikations Matrix (RVM)
  14. Beratung bzgl. SW Entwicklungsprozess: Pläne für Softwareentwicklung, Verifikation und Validierung, CM und Design


  1. Lightweighted structures – Sensor packages
  2. Hyperstable lightweighted Star Tracker Brackets – Mirrors  Reflectors
  3. Focal planes for EO

ASP-Equipment GmbH

  1. Power Conditioning Unit (PCU)
  2. PCDU Module (MPPT) for satellite primary power system
  3. Over Temperature External Electronics Box
  4. Li- Ion Battery Management System
  5. Instrument Power Unit (IPU)
  6. High Current- Low Voltage DC/DC Converter for mass storage
  7. DC DC Converter
  8. Capillary Channel Flow Electrical Subsystem for ISS
  9. Air Closed Loop System (ACLS) CAM COTS

STT-SystemTechnik GmbH

  1. Thermal Vacuum Tests
  2. TerraSAR-X, TanDEM-X, TET-OOV, SAR-Lupe, PROBA-2/-V
  3. TC-Receiver TM-Transmitter TMTC incl. RFDU (S-Band)
  4. TC-Receiver TM-Transmitter TMTC incl. RFDU (S-Band)
  5. RF-SCOE
  6. PDD-PayloadDataDownlink (C-Band, X-Band) SAT-AIS (E-Sail – ARTES21)
  7. PDD-PayloadDataDownlink (C-Band, X-Band)
  8. PDD (C-Band, X-Band)

redlogix GmbH

  1. Telescope & Instrument Control Systems – e.g. VLT, SOFIA, MTG
  2. SW for ZDBS 15-meter antenna control
  3. SW for SpaceMouse, 6D control device
  4. SW for EPOS docking simulator
  5. SW for autonomous vehicle (ROBOSCOUT)
  6. Software System Engineering
  7. Software System Engineering
  8. Software Engineering
  9. Software Engineering
  10. Robot Control SW, (KUKA Robot Control)
  11. Independent System Test, GALILEO PTC
  12. e.g. TET on-board SW
  13. e.g. MTG IRS ICU SW Spec.
  14. DLR GSOC Multimission Control SW, ROSAT, D2
  15. DLR GSOC Multimission Control SW

Kampf Telescope Optics GmbH

  1. Technology development for critical technologies for low TRL, in particular for optical systems
  2. Shadow engineering
  3. Review of AIT design and process
  4. Planning, preparation and execution of functional tests under representative environmental conditions – thermal vacuum, vibration, shock
  5. Optical instrumentation for µg and life science instruments, e.g ANITA
  6. Optical analysis (straylight, performance) AIT of optical systems
  7. Mechanism for optical systems – e.g. shutters, filter wheels
  8. Management support for PIs
  9. Design verification (review of design, analysis of system performance
  10. All kind of optical systems, on system, subsystem and component level
  11. All kind of optical system, e.g cameras and spectrometer for MarcoPolo & EXOMARS


  1. Thermo-mechanical isolators in metal or composite
  2. Thermo-mechanical isolators in metal or composite
  3. Test campaigns and inspections on structural components and materials
  4. Structure design and analysis
  5. Structure design and analysis
  6. Structure assemblies for instrument
  7. Structure assemblies for instrument
  8. Other FRP structures
  9. Other FRP structures
  10. New materials
  11. Multifuntional / Smart structures
  12. Machined Alu, Ti, Invar parts
  13. Machined Alu, Ti, Invar parts
  14. Highly stable antenna structures
  15. CFRP waveguides
  16. CFRP high conductive plates
  17. CFRP high conductive plates
  18. CFRP and Alu structural panels
  19. CFRP and Alu structural panels
  20. Aluminum radiators
  21. Aluminum radiators
  22. Advanced manufacturing processes


  1. Design/Evaluation/Qualification of RH Mixed-Signal & RF ASIC’s according to ESA/ESCC 9000.
  2. Design of feed systems
  3. Design and realisation of RF-components & RF-circuitry for RF-processing equipment
  4. CMOS RH LIB for the design of MS/ High Speed ASICs
  5. capability approval planned for end of 2016
  6. according to ESA/ ESCC 9000

Berlin Space Technologies GmbH

  1. Power, Interface & Control and Unit (PICU) for URTHECAST at ISS
  2. Gyro & Star Tracker for URTHECAST at ISS
  3. Electronic Power Conditioner for AOCS – OCS
  4. According Harness-Systems


  1. Other Services
  2. Management Support

E.I.S. Electronics GmbH

  1. TT&C harness production
  2. TB/TV test harnesses
  3. System Cable Harness for Galileo, EDRS-C, MTG
  4. System Cable Harness for Ariane 3, 4, 5 upper stage
  5. System Cable Harness for Ariane 3, 4, 5 upper stage
  6. Power Cable Harness for Galileo, EDRS-C, MTG
  7. Other Services
  8. ISS node cabling
  9. Harnesses for pressurized environment and EVA applications
  10. Harnesses for data handling systems
  11. Harnesses electrical acceptance tests
  12. Harness system cabling
  13. Harness system cabling
  14. Harness system cabling
  15. Harness system cabling
  16. Harness system cabling
  17. Harness system cabling
  18. Harness Development (ECAD/ MCAD) for LSI
  19. Grounding / Bonding Harness
  20. Flexible harnesses
  21. Flexible harnesses
  22. Experiment / locker cabling for microgravity experiments
  23. EGSE test harnesses
  24. Bounding, grounding Harnesses TB/TV test harnesses

SpaceTech GmbH (STI)

  1. Vibration and Shock tests
  2. Thermal Vacuum Tests
  3. Thermal Equipment Design & Analysis
  4. Thermal Design & Analysis
  5. System Engineering Support – Formosat 5
  6. System Engineering
  7. Structure Design & Analysis
  8. Specific Software Tools – DEOS
  9. Solar Generators
  10. Simulators
  11. RTU
  12. Refocus Mechanisms
  13. Reaction Wheel Dampers
  14. Pulse Width modulated linear Cold Gas
  15. Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Structures
  16. Power Systems Design & Analysis
  17. PCDU
  18. Passive Anntennas – ICARUS ISS demonstrator, ICARUS Tag
  19. Optical Design & Analysis
  20. Mission Analysis – DEOS
  21. Mission Design & Analysis
  22. Low Noise Amplifiers & Filters
  23. Laser Ranging Instruments
  24. ICU
  25. ICARUS (Radio Science Instrument) – ICARUS ISS demonstrator
  26. High Stability Lasers
  27. HDRMs
  28. Frequency References
  30. Earth&Sun Sensors (CESS)
  31. DNEPR Launch service
  32. Deployment mechanisms – Göktürk-2, GRACE FO, Formosat 5, Kompsat-3
  33. Core Avionics (OBC&PCDU)
  34. Cold Gas propulsion subsystems
  35. CG Thruster qualification
  36. Active Antennas – ICARUS ISS demonstrator, ICARUS Tag
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