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ESA-STAR Module für die industrielle Zusammenarbeit

Since 2016, the year esa-star was launched with its Registration and Tendering modules, the system has been continuously growing with new functionalities and features all aimed at making access to the ESA Procurement process easier and more agile.

Now the time has come for a new major step, with the launch of the new esa-star Publication module, which will replace EMITS as of 23 March.

There have already been a number of announcements and operational communications, via EMITS News and the ESA Industry Portal of which you may already be aware.

Such announcements can be found:

  • on EMITS News as individual News items
  • on EMITS News, grouped for convenience under the dedicated „EMITS to be replaced by the esa-star Publication module“ folder
ESA – New esa-star modules for enhanced industry collaboration

ESA will launch three new modules as part of its esa-star online eTendering suite of tools. All areas of the system will be accessible by the end of March via a single point of entry portal called Doing Business with ESA.

To ensure that the above information reaches as many EMITS and esa-star users as possible, I would greatly appreciate if you would share this message with the members of your association.

Zu den ESA Moduln der „eTendering suite of tools“: https://doing-business.sso.esa.int/index.html

Hier zum Vortrag zu ESA-match, dem neuen ESA matchmaking tool.

ESA – European Space Agency

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