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Europe has made its choice: HPS receives final GO to build HERA antenna which is to broadcast deep space showdown in 2024

The first defense mission of planet Earth against asteroid aggressors from space will be broadcasted live through an antenna in deep space built by Munich-based aerospace company HPS. It prevailed in two competitive preliminary design phase contracts within Europe. Experts are convinced that the HPS model offers the highest possible signal stability thanks to its extreme resistance to deformation in orbit and OHB Bremen, prime of the ESA mission, submitted this week the respective „Approval to proceed“ (ATP) to HPS for the rest of the development. The antenna must be delivered in November 2022 for the mission start in 2024. The schedule is tough: the critical design review will take place as early as September.
See also full story here: https://www.hps-gmbh.com/hera-high-noon-in-deep-space/


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